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    Thursday, July 26, 2012   /   by Charles Lisciandro

    My Experience with a Home Inspector Regarding the Air Conditioner

    I am with my buyer inspecting their dream home, which was just accepted by the seller.  Along with my buyer is the buyer’s home inspector.  As we are inspecting the home, the inspector mentions to the buyer the air conditioner is running too cold.  The inspector’s LED temperature gauge indicated that the temperature of the air coming out of the register was at 36F degrees.  The buyer responded is this an issue with the unit.  The inspector stated it should not be running this cold.  I mention to the inspector, I know if the air conditioner was running warm that would be a concern, but running too cold?  He suggested have it inspected by a licensed Air Conditioner Company.  I explain to the buyer, the home inspector will give his professional opinion, if the inspector states it might be an issue, let’s hire air conditioner technician to inspect the unit for its condition/life span.  I did a little research and called an air ...

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    Tuesday, July 24, 2012   /   by David Delgado

    Legal Loophole Costs Local Home Seller $52,627 after the Sale of Their Home When Facing Foreclosure

    The biggest dilemma when you find yourself with expenses up and income down is what to do or more importantly, what not to do in order to avoid a public foreclosure.  If you have to miss a mortgage payment, there are many important legal issues that you may be unaware of that are critical to understand.  When such an major investment as your home is at risk of being lost to foreclosure, there are legal details to know before you try to negotiate with you mortgage lender that can turn in to major problems and expenses if not handled correctly.   It is essential to understand the legal ins and outs that will properly protect you when you must negotiate with your mortgage Lender to either save your home or protect you from paying thousands of dollars, unnecessarily, when you have to sell your home.
    In a recent situation right here in Whittier, misinformation cost one local home seller over $52,627 after they sold their home to avoid foreclosure.  To learn about ho ...

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